100 nights of trial sleep

We want to ensure that you wake up really rested. That's why you can try the Magic Pillow for 100 nights. Don't like the pillow? Then you can return it for free.

The Magic Pillow is always delivered free of charge. And if you don't like the pillow, you can return the pillow to us free of charge. It almost never happens, but we don't make a fuss about it. Because delivery and returns are free, you will get all your money back. The purchase amount and return costs will be credited to your account within a few days.

Questions about trial sleep

How does trial sleep work?

That's very simple. You can try the Magic Pillow for 100 nights to experience whether the pillow sleeps well. If you notice that the Magic Pillow is not for you, you can return the pillow yourself. Please notify us in advance if you wish to return the pillow. Then we can take this into account. You will of course receive the full purchase amount back. Because the body always needs some time to get used to a new pillow, we recommend trying out the pillow for at least 2 weeks.

When does the 100 night sleep trial start? 

Of course, you must first receive your pillow to start the test sleep. The 100-day trial sleep period starts from the day the Magic Pillow is delivered to your home. We can check this information with the carrier.

Should I keep the packaging? 

No. You do not have to keep the packaging. We request that you pack the pillow properly when you return it, so that it arrives safely to us. Doesn't matter in which packaging.

How can I return the pillow?

Send us an email and request a return link. We will then send you a returns link as soon as possible with which you can create a  free  returns label. Once we have received the pillow, we will refund you the entire purchase price.

Easy, right? And no risk whatsoever.